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Welcome on BAUFER LATINA web site, 

BAUFER LATINA is in the first place, and before anything else a succesfull meeting with Latin America. 

  Successful because, since 1976, we all are directly in relation with the crafturer and their familly producing together the handmade articles that we are proposing in the site.

During all these years our main objective has been to be permanently present on this market thanks to a constant communication explainingthe cultural, traditional, authentic and popular aspect of the Art and handicraft items we are proposing. And this is not easy !!!!

   So huge is the offer of industrial gadgets all over the world. Some people, immediately can see the difference, but others do not evn want to see it !

  We have to tell them and to every body that inside every single product you have a family, a village, a native tradition, something unique...

 This is our powerfull point wich enables to follow on our way with passion.

 Do come and discover through our products the "soul" of Latin America !!!